Who Let the Dogs Out?

This time it was the new fearless leader of Deli de Luca, Tormod Lier and his marketing team. When they brief us the main challenge in front was that the segment of 'hot-dogs' in Norway has been long established and owned by Deli's direct competitors - 7/11 & Narvesen, to name just a few. However the team wasn't afraid to challenge the 'dog-establishment',  due to the lack of imagination & variety offered by all competitors.

Holidesign being small and indie, an 'under-dog-of-agency' it self, enjoyed the opportunity presented to challenge the mighty advertising agencies as well. When all is said and done, this new attainment of Deli de Luca & Holidesign just achieved its aims successfully. The sales had double Deli's bast seller until now 'Spicy Pesto Calzone', and that speaks for itself ...

Client: Deli de Luca Norge AS

Design: Holidesign As

Photography: Studio Dreyer & Hensley


Boris Iochev