La Boheme Cafe nominated for best retail design in Czech Republic

La Bohéme Café has cross the border from a gourmet roaster to a retailer by opening its first store in Prague and we are proud to bring the news that they were nominated for best Retail Design in Czech Republic.
Since 2011 we have been working together with Charles Fleer, the founder of Prague based Gourmet-Indie coffee roaster. That relationship has churned full brand identity, packaging design, consumer porcelain and various brand related collaterals. While small in correlation with any of the big coffee players in our portfolio such as Espresso House of Sweden and/or Starbucks Coffee Co. the work we created for them can hold its ground. Judge for yourself ...

Client: Midnight Roasters S.R.O., Sazavska 32, 120 00 Praha 2
Designers: Boris Iochev & Martina Witte

Boris Iochev