Think outside the bottle! - Kikkoman's Campaign

Kikkoman Brand is managed by Orkla Foods in Norway. For its campaign Orkla's team Christine Sund & Maria Gusslås Klein contacted Holidesign AS with a clear task - to create a vehicle which would amplify awareness & excitement as how to use Kikkoman soya sauce in snazzy ways.
Not long into the brainstorming phase the slogan "Think outside the Bottle!" was born, and enthusiastically embraced by everybody at Orkla Foods.
Holidesign's further efforts resulted in a 24 page magazine, digital flip book & heap of supportive collaterals and sales tools.
This is the 5th magazine we have created with Orkla Foods in the last 12 months, and we're cheery to see this growing into a healthy client/agency relationship based on creative trust & professional  respect.

Agency: Holidesign AS
Designer/Art Director: Boris Iochev
Photography: H2W Studio
Client: Orkla Foods Norge/Christine Sund & Maria Gusslås Klein

Boris Iochev