The Brooklyn version of Deli de Luca

Every time a brand reinvents itself, the main challenge lies in deciding what to keep, and what to add. It’s about preserving brand equity, while evolving to meet new and emerging consumer needs. After acquiring Esso gas stations in late 2015, Norges Gruppen and Tormod Lier challenged us to create a Deli de Luca highway concept. The result is Deli Langsvei, and our client’s goal is to transform up to 70 locations throughout the second half of 2016.

A key factor in our process was working exceptionally close with the client’s team for 3 hectic months last year. Weekly co-working 8 hour sessions resulted in the recent opening of 6 prototype locations. This locations will help us to gain the needed learning curve that allow us to construct intense roll-out in a precise uninterrupted way.

While defining a new voice, attitude, and personality for the Deli Langsvei concept, we made sure to keep a clear association and connection with the Deli de Luca Urban Concept, Deli Storby. All the while simultaneously paying detailed attention to a new set of operational challenges introduced by a new environment - the road. 

The onset of electric vehicles means people will spend more time at gas stations while recharging their car’s batteries. This inevitably leads to a shift in expectations. We wanted to create an elevated experience that matches the elevated expectations of any given “transumer” (consumer in transition) sitting down for 30+ minutes. This notion guided most of our design & interior decisions, and is evident when stepping inside the new Deli Langsvei.

Up to 40% of the store real estate is dedicated to a classic American Diner style seating, Deli’s Grill serves up boundless assortment of hamburgers & hotdogs, and Deli’s Pizza has a full pizza oven and offers pizza take-away. But it’s not all about the fast and tasty, it’s also about the nutritious and healthy. For our opening offer, any food purchase came with a free choice of fruit. In addition the healthy variety and delicious offerings from our own Deli’s Kitchen are in place.

Deli Langsvei is the concept and execution that will match the transumer’s new and elevated expectations for gas stations everywhere. As for how to describe this new born Deli? Tormod Lier nailed it, when referring to it internally as “The Brooklyn version of Deli de Luca”. 

Retail Concept & Visual Communication: Boris Iochev of
Interior Architecture: Jennifer Valone Thorsen of Odd Thorsen Design
Concept Implementation & Quality Control: John E. Ødegaard of Ødegaard Design
Photography: Studio Dreyer & Hensley
Creative Writing: Lars Bæk
Lighting Design: Goodwin & Goodwin UK
Clients Team: Tormod Lier, Cecilie Bakke Andersen & Marius Kristiansen 

Boris Iochev