Holidesign will shape the next generation La Baguette

Blender recently held a competition pitch in their search for the next agency to be entrusted with shaping the future of La Baguette.

With the right cultural fit, and a vibe that resonated with the Blender team, Holidesign surfaced as the most suitable partner after a few rounds of pitching and talks.

In order to bring La Baguette’s dreams and motley ambitions to life, Holidesign will summon up collaborators Odd Thorsen Interior Architects, and digital powerhouse Uppercase.

When asked the question “why Holidesign?”, Blender Administrative Director, Maria Willumsen revealed: “What you see is what you get! When interacting with the Holidesign team, we felt that we were talking directly to the creatives who will be shaping the actual solutions for our brand.” A shared feature of most indie design agencies!

La Baguette were the first to offer freshly made baguettes on the Norwegian market, as far back as 1985. The chain rebranded from "Bageriet" to La Baguette in 1997.

Left to right: Jennifer Valone Thorsen, Inger A. Myklebust IAM Management Consultant, Boris Iochev & Maria Willumsen.