We’re looking for a CRAFT-FOCUSED graphic designer

We’re looking for a CRAFT-FOCUSED graphic designer to join our retail design team.
In short, we require someone with curiosity, hunger and grit - If that sounds like you, and you’re driven to keep getting better, we’d like to hear from you.

What is important to us:
That you have a serious TYPO-CENTRIC problem. That you never stop nudging & tweaking type to a point that we have to constantly tame you
That you understand the value of craft and what small changes & attention to detail can bring to exceptional POSTER design
- Versatility to have your work influence (or to be influenced by) INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE
Trust in artistic intuition over any strategic design
Your sketch book is more important than your portfolio
Collaborating with Graphic Artists, Interior Architects & Industrial Designers (among others)
Your weakness for buying goods based on the packaging design

Visit our to learn more about our work and our team. If we like you, there will be a quiz.

Boris Iochev